What is a Transformation Coach?


My coaching program consists of two components. The personal growth program is a three-month comprehensive program that involves one on one sessions with an agenda to create and maintain a peaceful persona that will allow you to build your belief in yourself which will enable you to feel worthy, vital and centered. Personal growth coaching will guide you through your own personal, mental and spiritual transformation. Throughout these sessions you will receive the necessary tools needed to help you reveal the deep personal truths that may be hindering you from obtaining a powerful and fulfilling life. As your coach I will use the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained through my experiences to help you create the extraordinary life you’ve always desired.

 The entrepreneur coaching program is a six-month comprehensive program designed to help you become a successful business owner. As your coach I will assist you in overcoming your greatest challenges so you can create a flawless business plan that will increase your business profits.


Coaches responsibility

As your entrepreneur coach I will assist in helping you to build confidence in yourself, your ideas, and the direction of your business. Together we will Develop a Flawless Action Plan and ignite momentum to take the necessary action step needed to make your business a success. During our sessions we will be focusing on the key areas of your business that will drive sustainability, growth, and success.


By committing to the entire nine-month program you will learn how to use the personal growth results which will easily identify what’s really getting in the way of your personal and business growth and success.

It’s almost always something that lies within an entrepreneur that stops them from achieving success.

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Upon completion of your initial consultation I will recommend a program choice that best fits your needs


I offer coaching via Skype or phone for clients located anywhere in the world, as well as in-person sessions for residents of Baltimore Maryland


Individual Coaching

One to One Coaching session $100 per hour


Personal growth 6 week comprehensive program 

Entrepreneurial 6 week  comprehensive program 

Two part  personal growth/entrepreneurial comprehensive program – 

It is strongly recommended that you complete the entire program to receive maximum results in your transformation.

You will save by committing to both  coaching programs

(recommended for all entrepreneurs)

Group Coaching

Butterfly Talk with Danielle 6 week , 1 hour weekly sessions, coaching program : Your investment includes: -copy of transforming form a caterpillar to a butterfly -access to the interactive  bi weekly webinar intensely discussing each chapter of the book -break out sessions with other attendees  -a complimentary 1 hour 1 on 1 personal growth coaching session ($100 value) -interaction with like minded women looking to find their wings. Register today and receive the package for $397 

“Choosing a life coach is making a powerful decision to invest in yourself”

“An investment in oneself will always bring forth good fruits”



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